Firstly, to get apartment in Moscow , you must clearly understand what properties you need.What will it be?The apartment on the secondary market or new in the primary.From this choice depends on the program of banks on the mortgage.Also, you should think in advance the area of ​​real estate acquisition (whether it is a sleeping area or central Moscow, close to your place of work), the parameters of the apartment and the number of rooms.Then you must make a selection on the price index of the options that offer the newspaper and Internet - resources real estate in Moscow .The operation you need to determine what amount of the loan in the end you have to take.
next step in the acquisition of apartments with the help of a mortgage is the study and selection of the programs banks with
more favorable conditions for you and your family.If you want to buy real estate in the secondary market, then pay attention to the interest rates of financial institutions, on the value of the maximum amount mortgage (in "Nomos Bank" for Moscow, the maximum amount of 15 million. Rub., For other regions of the Russian Federation - 9mln.)the ratio of expenses / revenues, the size of the initial contribution (reduced to 10% for the purchase of apartments in Moscow ) and the currency of the loan (favorable currency credit "Bank of Moscow" in the yen).Do not forget to see the requirements for the borrower and co-borrower, as well as a list of documents to the application.
Features mortgage in Moscow are a wide range of banks that can offer favorable terms, reduced interest rates on the loan, the small size of the loan fees or the lack thereof.Due to the high level of competition between financial institutions and the same terms and conditions to grant loans, the Moscow banks offer customers a variety of options for the requirements of the borrower.Some banks may issue mortgage stateless Russian, some lenders will consider the unofficial income, and will not require the presence of guarantors.
Once you have decided on a priority banks need to issue the questionnaire - application in each bank and provide the documents.In order to save time to search the apartment, the client should apply for a loan of several lending institutions.
After the answer of the banks the opportunity to take a mortgage on the secondary market, you can do select and view interesting real estate property in Moscow .In parallel to the banks, which you have received an affirmative answer, it is necessary to examine the requirements for the apartments.
As soon as you stop at a suitable version of the apartment, you can begin to collect documents on her for making decision by the bank to meet the requirements of real estate.Also, copies of legal documents, technical certificate and an extract from the house register, you'll need for the appraiser and the insurance company, without which the bank would not be able to give you a mortgage.
If the bank, insurance and appraisal companies gave the go-ahead for your chosen apartment , then after a while will take the deal with the bank, which signed a loan agreement, mortgage, and the contract of sale between the seller and the buyer.
After registration documents to the buyer, the seller gets the money for his property, and the buyer the keys to the apartment in the coveted Moscow .