New Krasnodar.

Particularly popular modern residential complexes, which are represented on the market a large number.There are various options: in the city center, overlooking the River Kuban, near a park in the neighborhood.Properties from the builder assumes quite favorable cost, often lower than in the secondary housing market.Residential complexes are of particular interest developed infrastructure, convenient transportation, parking provided.Prices for apartments in new buildings with a finished repairs are in the range 40000-60000 rubles per sq.m.

Apartments in a newly built house.

Good option for those who can afford to wait a few mont
hs.For example, the cost of 1 square meter in new business class "Sport City" starts at 28,000 rubles.Date home - 4th quarter of 2014.The residential complex is located near the park area, on the local area there are sports grounds for various sports and children's playground.One bedroom apartment with total area of ​​32 sq m in Predchistovaya finish will cost 1.08 million rubles, and the repair of "turnkey" - 1.252 million rubles.One bedroom apartment with total area of ​​62 sq m in Predchistovaya finish - 1,750,000 rubles.In general, the range of prices for apartments in new buildings in Krasnodar is in the range 30000-50000 rubles per square meter, and the price depends on the location of the house, level of infrastructure, housing and quality class finishing materials.

Cottage settlements from the developer.

For fans of "living in nature" and at the same time to be in the thick of things makes sense to buy your own home.Currently, the city can be bought as a separate house from the builder, and duplexes, townhouses in a modern cottage villages with developed infrastructure.Duplex with total area of ​​85 square meters will cost 3,000,000 rubles.Repairs carried out under the key.The price of 1 square meter - 35000 rubles.The brick house from the builder 130 sq.m in Predchistovaya finish in the Northern district will cost 5.7 million rubles.The price of 1 square meter - 43000 rubles.

secondary housing market.

To date, the cost of 1 square meter of secondary housing an average of 50,000 rubles.In downtown areas, the average price of 1 square meter will already be about 60,000 rubles.Resellers can be purchased through a real estate agency, and in particular the announcement.In private homes for sale, the owners usually do place the ads and your coordinates.

Choice property is based not only on the first impression of the object, and depends on a number of factors.It is important to take into account the location, developed infrastructure.Actual pay attention to the availability of parking spaces, convenient transportation.Of course, determining the value of a quality exterior and interior spaces.