buy housing in new buildings.Standard procedure for the sale of such apartments the developer becomes the determination of the term of putting the house.And usually deadlines homes are often postponed.Therefore, buying a property in such a house should be only in the event that the housing problem not as a splinter in your finger, the apartment is not needed here and now.
also does not exclude the situation is to stop and freeze construction projects.It is really possible to be deceived investors.Buy an apartment in the secondary this embodiment, much safer.
When buying an apartment the first thing you ask the owners to provide housing for a complete inspection.Evaluate the availability of homes to public transport, infrastructure facilities (schools,
kindergartens, hospitals) stores.If on the first floor of the house comfortably fit organizations such as: shopping, nightlife, cafes - something to expect future problems.
Do not get a corner apartment there in the summer - hot and winter - cold.
Buying an apartment on the ground or on other floors: the pros and cons.

first floor, the pros and cons:
1) Do not have to look far to climb, if the broken elevator (+)
2) It is easy to get into the apartment (+)
3) It is possible to become the owner of the cold and wet floor (-)
4) Mosquito "hell" in the summer (-)

contrast the pros and cons for the apartments above the first.

If you see an apartment on the top floor, is the main problem could be the roof.You can get a good hassle, seeing a flood of water from the ceiling every day.
When choosing an apartment should also pay attention to the material that makes up the wall.Panel houses, of course, cheaper, but also material for its technical quality is worse than the same brick.The House panel is also a big problem will try to make alterations due to the impossibility of the demolition of the wall (because of the characteristics)
When choosing an apartment you should not pay too much to the external frame.The first sight to fall on the ceiling of the second floor on the state, and the third to redevelop.Which is better to buy an apartment?The ceiling is high, the floors are not of moldy wood, redevelopment should be settled legally.