new economy class in Moscow and the Moscow region - not a rare phenomenon.Most of the land is built up in such housing.Through this approach, developers, buyers have a real opportunity to acquire an apartment in the city and the region at an attractive cost.

Most often low buildings are erected in Moscow "sleeping bags".Such housing are home series P-3M, P-46M, P4TM and others. Thanks to a particular technology, they quickly built brick-monolithic.

In typical apartments class "economy" to meet the free plan is virtually impossible, and the maximum area "odnushek" barely 40 square meters.Elevators in the budget new buildings are set mostly Russian-made house territory is not protected, and in the basement is not provided for underground parking.

The main difference between this type of

apartments to the more expensive segment of housing - in price.To date, the minimum cost of apartments in new buildings of Moscow region is 900 thousand. Rubles.For the money you can buy 30 square meters.m residential real estate complex located at a sufficient distance from Moscow, with a maturity date in a few years.These apartments are attractive for investment, at the same time as the change in the construction stage home increases the cost of housing.

Apartments in modern prefabricated homes in some cases involve a partial re-planning.Often, the project provides additional bathrooms, balconies and bay windows in the rooms.Another difference of the property of the monolithic buildings is that the apartments in new economy class often are decorated with "turnkey".

should also note the appearance of houses of economy class.If earlier it was the gray, gloomy apartment buildings, now it is - a pretty nice building, nice to look at that.Given the constant modernization of production, such homes may well compete with the brick-monolithic buildings.