this year in Moscow, the greatest demand will be in the secondary housing.Moreover, it is not so much due to the fact that 90% of the Moscow housing market account for secondary apartments, but rather the fact that the cost of such housing is much cheaper than counterparts in new buildings.In addition, the majority of experts are inclined to believe that the prices in the secondary housing market of Moscow in 2015 will decrease by 7 - 9%, while the price of real estate in new buildings will not change significantly.

At what today would cost the purchase of housing in Moscow

According to online real estate NaydiDom, today to buy an apartment in Moscow, the owner can be from 6 - 7 million. Rubles.Of course, this price is a good one-bedroom apartment in a residential area, in a house built not more than 15 years ago.On the other hand, you can find cheaper housing options, which are locat

ed in non-prestigious districts of the capital, or in the new "skyscrapers" outside Moscow, the cost of which does not exceed 5 million. Rubles.

Due to the fact that Moscow "secondary housing" is quite heterogeneous, and the prices are very different, being in the range of 130 - 250 thousand. Rubles per square meter.meter.Indeed, the cost of an apartment in the Khrushchev and Soviet panel high-rise building will be much cheaper housing in the house, which was built ten years ago.Reported rbcdaily.

At the same time, prices for "primary" in Moscow are in the range of 150 - 300 thousand. Rubles per square meter.meter.But given the fact that in modern high-rise buildings the presence of small apartments is not provided, the majority of our countrymen, especially today, this living space is simply not "afford".But on the secondary housing market is easy enough at the moment apartment of 21 - 25 square meters.meters in 4.2 - 4.8 mln. rubles.

real estate in Moscow?Why not

Basically, the property attracts our compatriots in Moscow, it's affordable price compared with the more expensive apartments in the capital.

Moreover, interest in real estate in the Moscow suburbs are showing not only the residents of the area, but the Muscovites themselves.The cost per square meter of real estate in Moscow varies from 60 to 100 thousand rubles.Such pricing is primarily dependent on two major factors: the distance from Moscow and the presence or absence of traffic problems.Perhaps the way to work in the suburbs of the capital will take not much time, as the road at the gold-domed, studded caps.