process of buying property in a new building is slightly different from the purchase of housing on the secondary market.At a minimum, you can do without the help of a realtor, to independently assess all possible risks.

choosing among apartment complexes in the first place should pay attention to the documents that the developer often posted on the official website of the project and shows during the consultation office sales.The package of documents required to be present project declaration permit for the construction of housing and infrastructure facilities.If such documents are not, you have to thoroughly understand why it happened.

In some cases, the lack of permits indirectly indicate the sale of flats under the scheme HBC (entry into the building society).After the

resolution yet obtained customer contracts are renegotiated at PO paenakopleniya agreements (equity).For some developers, such a scheme is the only acceptable sales, and nothing can be done.

To assess the reliability of the developer not least the presence of the developer of the portfolio of completed projects.If earlier the company was not involved in the construction, to buy an apartment in a residential complex is at your own risk, because there is a chance to be among the deceived investors.

If the company is known on the market, all the accommodations are handed over on time and no complaints on the quality of construction, we can safely proceed to booking a suitable apartment.

at this stage is to realize that most of your free acts 2-3 days.Over the longer the reserve will have to pay a certain amount.When it comes to buying a home mortgage, it makes sense to turn to mortgage brokers, whose services are provided by the developer.Thus it is able to reduce the period of negotiation required amount and get the approval of the desired bank.In addition, in some cases, the developer provides an additional discount on the purchase.

After the approval of the bank will be received the signed contract goes to the registration Regpalatu, which takes 5-7 days.After this period, the buyer is in the hands of the registered POs, can only make a payment under the contract.In this retracted, usually about 5 days.

registration services may be provided by the developer for a certain amount (the average - from 30 thousand. Rubles).If you wish, you can do everything yourself.