you need
  • cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels, 6 tubes for a cocktail, paper tape, blue electrical tape, cardboard or construction paper, scissors, plastic or paper cup, colored stickers with numbers.
Before production of the aircraft model, you need to prepare all the details that are needed for this.
of cardboard or heavy paper should be cut a few parts.Two identical long with both ends rounded rectangle required later for the manufacture of airplane wings.The small rectangle and rounded at both ends, with a triangular notch at one side and a square with one cut and one ro
unded corner, suitable for the production of the tail.
How to model
4 parts of paper-like hourglass need for airplane wings.Also, the paper should be cut from the propeller with a small hole in the middle.
How to model
The cup should be done 7 holes.One hole should be located on the bottom of the glass, and the remaining 6 on the perimeter of the same level.
How to model
must now prepare for the straw for cocktails.For the manufacture of the aircraft required upper parts 6 and one lower.One half of the lower part of the tube should wrap with paper tape.
How to model
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get short tubes should be inserted in the 6 holes in the cup so that the tubes are pointing downwards.The cup thus should be bottomed up.
How to model
Now tube, wrapped with paper tape, to be inserted in the bottom of the glass so that the part with the tape was inside the cup.
How to model
On sticking out of the bottom of a glass tube should be put on future aircraft propeller.
How to model
Then the propeller must be secured by wrapping the visible part of the tube with paper tape.The resulting structure should be put on a cardboard tube, prepared at the beginning of the work.
How to model
now on a long rectangle cut out of cardboard or heavy paper, using blue tape should be glued 4 figurines resembling an hourglass.Figures should be perpendicular to the rectangle.In the middle of the paper should be cut through the pipe hole.The nose of the aircraft, the partition between the upper and lower wings, the edges of the wings and the edge of the hole for the pilot can be pasted tape.
How to model
On the rear end of the cardboard tube is necessary to make 3 slots for the tail.One at the top and two sides.
How to model
Now it's time to make himself a tail.It is not difficult.You just connect 2 prepared at the beginning of parts with paper tape.
How to model
resulting tail of the aircraft must be inserted into the slots at the end of a cardboard tube.The tail is ready.You can decorate the edges with tape pasted.
How to model
model aircraft is almost ready.It only remains to finish the wings, adding to the existing structure of the upper part.Decorate the airplane can use colorful stickers or labels with numbers.
How to model