you need
  • paper, scissors, glue, tape, beads, plastic bottles, glass jars, paint brush, cane, cotton, clay
Of PaperYou can make a greeting card, Valentine, origami, a bouquet of paper flowers, Christmas ornaments.With the help of glue easily decorate any paper crafts satin ribbons, flower petals, lace, beads, colored sand.
of empty plastic bottles make excellent cups stationery.To do this, cut the top of the bottle, the resulting edge of the cup on the cutting line pasted tape or rubber band.To cup was more stable, it is possible by means of a silicone adhesive to attach the stand to the base of the tree.
of clay (normal or polymer) can scul
pt any figure, plate glass.The resulting souvenir is painted with special colors or decorated with seashells, beads, hats acorns and other materials.
of glass jars of small size are obtained remarkable candle.To this end, the bank is painted stained glass paints, tape glued bright, colorful wrapped thread (pre-coat the surface of the banks need to glue).When the paint or glue is dry, put a small candle inside the jar - candle their hands ready.The jars are also easy to store every little thing.Cover jars decorated with the carved figures of a dense material, and so funny rozhitsami
of reeds can weave baskets, mats, vases, decorative plates and even slippers.Rushes can wrap the glassware, which not only gives it an unusual appearance, but also protects against shocks.
of cotton can make curly image.To do this on a piece of cardboard, draw the silhouette figures (bunny, snowman, Christmas tree, trees, clouds, etc.).Grease the adhesive area of ​​the painted figures and consistently, centimeter by centimeter, glue cotton.From contrasting color materials make the eyes, mouth, nose, twigs and other items, depending on the characteristics of the picture.