Tip 1: How to make a wooden man

If you are seriously engaged in development of Wing Chun, the Chinese martial arts school, you'll need a wooden dummy, called another "wooden man".With such a device, you can practice working off techniques of martial arts, not only in the room, but also at home.The price of 'wooden human »can reach several hundred dollars, so it's best to make the mannequin with their hands in a home workshop.
For the manufacture of the main beam of the dummy can use any type of wood.The main thing that it was well dried to avoid cracking.For the production of "hand" and "foot" using the best hard wood - elm, maple, and oak.These dummy parts are subjected to considerable mechanical stress, therefore unacceptable presence of knots and other defects striae timber.
«Wooden Man" Wing Chun is a wooden pole cylindrical shape.The height of the column of 150-190 cm, diameter - 20-25 cm. The top of the "body" are located two upper "hands" that are inserted into the holes.The third (middle) "hand" is
located under the top two.By "average hand" has bent at the "knee" "leg" dummy.
Mannequin is rigidly mounted on the floor or dig in the ground.Now you can meet the design in which the "body" of the dummy is mounted on the frame of the two beams passing through holes in the top and bottom of the column.It is not excluded and other fastening "wooden human »: on a rotating basis, or on a spring.
Dummy Wing Chun - an individual shell, its dimensions may be different depending on the height and build human , exercising with him.Before the production, "wooden human » Consider its design and transfer their calculations on the drawing or sketch.
most time-consuming part of the process - production of the "body" of the dummy.We'll have to make a log cylindrical shape (thicker at the butt log).Remove the bark with an ax and cut off branches.Speakers Steshov sites.
Electric print a plane cylindrical column.Use a template made of durable cardboard or plastic.Oshkurit post sandpaper.Then soak it with water and let it dry.Once dry, buff the product rough cloth or felt.The surface should be as smooth as possible.
easiest option fabrication "hands" - rigidly mounted on a pole stick.This mount is useful when installing the "wooden man » against a wall.More sophisticated versions involve the use of springs, enabling the movement of "hands" in the longitudinal direction.
«Foot" can be made in one of several ways.Possible construction of welded metal tubing and wrapped with a soft material.Second Embodiment - "foot" made of wood, assembled from parts.The following shall apply only solid wood.You can make solid wood and "foot", carefully selected, taking into account the workpiece bending.
After making all elements and cover them with varnish stain.Paint the metal parts.After drying, the "wooden man" again polished with felt, built and installed in the place of training.It is best suited for placing dummy interior wall or balcony.

Tip 2: How to make the dummy

hand made mannequin will accurately display your figure.This is especially true when a non-standard shape.Following the steps below, you can easily understand how to make the mannequin hands.
How to make the dummy
you need
  • assistant tape (80-100 m), a long shirt, a coat hanger, wooden hanger, cardboard tube, plastic bag, scissors, corrugated cardboard, glue, foam, padding polyester, wire, safety pin, pen, plumb, sartorial meter leg of the office chair or stand for mannequin.
To make a mannequin in size, it is necessary to make the shell of the tape, follow the contours of the body.Before applying the tape to the body, wear a bra and a long T-shirt.Neck wrap a plastic bag, and remove the hair under a shower cap.Bottom T-shirt fastened between the legs with the help of a safety pin, and then fixed with adhesive tape from the navel to the waist.This will prevent the displacement of the structure.
from widest point hips start winding shape tape from the bottom up to the waist.Secure shape of the bust: the tape must pass crosswise under the breast.Then start winding all the uncovered areas.The main direction of turns - round.So be prepared first layer.
Chest fixed crosswise
second layer of tape is applied vertically.At this stage, the irregularities are smoothed arising during winding of the first layer.The neck is glued in the final stage.
In the room in which you will make the shell of the manikin should be a comfortable temperature, otherwise the model can freeze or overheat.Chest and neck wrap is the last.
Helpful Hint
Do not make a mannequin with hands - later they will interfere fitting.
  • How to make the dummy