Tip 1: How to make a paper helicopter

Find yourself some interesting exercise at home, you can, if you take a bit of paper and build a small model helicopter.You can do this by connecting your imagination and come up with the model itself, but you can use our tips.
you need
  • paper
  • razor or sharp knife
  • glue
  • clay
  • match
  • scissors
  • glue
cut paper rectangle 8070 mm.Mark up the wings and cut through them with a razor blade or a knife with a ruler.We turn a rectangle into a cylinder, glue it.Folded wings.We cling to the front of the helicopter piece of plasticine.H body of our toys can cause yellow-black lateral stripes.
handling such a model is very simple, like a normal glider paper.If our helicopter pitching (lifts his nose up), you need to add a piece of clay, and if dives - subtract.
second model is extremely simple.Easier, perhaps, impossible to think.Fuselage we will match, and the screw we cut out of paper.First you need to carefully split the match, then insert a screw in it.Folded blades and our
helicopter is ready to run with a balcony or window.Model will plan down, and if we're lucky, and she will meet updraft, then maybe up to fly.
just a few minutes you can make and the model of the helicopter from paper.Everyone knows how dives maple seed.Here on this principle will work this model.
Take a sheet of paper, you can exercise book.We draw on a sheet outlines the helicopter, cut.Bend a piece of paper twice so that we get a double strip, which we then cheat around the base and is secured with glue.We've got loads of the helicopter.It remains only to attach the screw cut out of paper, too.For screws need to take paper thicker than the body.
can now be done helicopter large.To do this, proportioning, increase the size and take a heavier paper.

Tip 2: How to make a paper helicopter

To get an interesting toy, it is not necessary to go to the store.Everyone can make a paper helicopter with the help of improvised means.They may be of interest to the inquisitive child or to please friends.
How to make a paper helicopter
you need
  • paper or paperboard;
  • scissors;
  • line;
  • glue;
  • clip.
There are several ways to make a paper helicopter's start with the most simple.
Take a sheet of plain paper A4, and from the hand draw it something similar to that shown in Figure 1. It is not necessary to strive for precision lines, do all in the eyes.
Now cut along the contour of the resulting image.Make an incision in the upper portion to the tapered portion and bend the blades resulting in different directions.The lower portion (in a circle) crumple into a ball.The helicopter is ready.It is capable of slowly rotating, rising very high, if you fall into the updraft.Otherwise, it will go down rapidly rotating, which is also very nice.
next type of helicopter is capable of a very beautiful and gradually decline.For its production is better not to take paper and cardboard.With its creation, it is necessary to use a ruler, as it requires more precision than a helicopter from the first version.Take a rectangular sheet of cardboard and make a longitudinal section to the middle.Measure from the end of the cut a couple of centimeters down, and draw a horizontal line.Separate the sheet obtained by the horizontal line by a few centimeters on each side and wrap the strips.Use a paper clip to fix to weight and tail.Now bend the blade.Your helicopter is ready, it is more resistant to wind gusts.
design of the latter type of helicopter copied by man from nature.This helicopter uses the same principle as the grain of the maple, which are able to overcome the enormous distances, freely hovering in the air flow.

look at Figure 3, it shows this pattern screws.You need to draw a precise it on paper.If you want a larger helicopter, the proportion to increase all sizes, but remember that the more your helicopter, especially thick paper must be used.
Helicopter with dimensions on the pattern, you can draw a simple notebook sheet.Carefully cut the workpiece.Bend the first blank on the first line and then on the second.After the second bend you will get a double band, which must be wound around its base and secure a drop of glue.This helicopter can climb really high, the main thing - to catch the wind.
Helpful Hint
Such simple model helicopters paper can keep you busy for the whole evening.Especially amuse your children a lesson that will help you start a small helicopter and everywhere where you can.
  • helicopter from plasticine