you need
  • 15-20 cigarette packs
  • Foil
  • Few colored paper
  • PVA glue or universal
  • Drugstore gum
  • Scotch
Beforeyou begin to do different parts of the body blank robot , pull out foil packs and other superfluous paper.Bundles align, torn seat or seal with adhesive tape.Lids also seal as if the pack is not printed.
to take a 3-4 head of the pack.Spread the brink of the largest one of packs adhesive and align it with the same face of
the other pack.The second bundle in the same way the third stick, and then - the fourth.To glue grabbed better, pull the workpiece in several places pharmacy bands.
okleyte head robot .To do this, measure the length, width and height and make scanning cuboid, not forgetting the allowance for gluing.In principle, robot can not hang, but with foil it will look better.The lower side, which is glued to the body, you can not paste.
Likewise glue to the workpiece robot torso .The difference is only in the fact that the blank for the body to be positioned vertically, and head - horizontally on the edges packs .You can make a robot and higher, first gluing two identical preform similar to the preform head, and then put one on another.The blanks are glued with one another the smallest faces, it will have a top, the other - the bottom.Okleyte torso foil, leaving open the top and bottom edges.
Glue the head to the body.Place the torso so that the packs are vertical.Spread glue the upper side.Put on her head robot so that the stack from which it is made, lying on its side.Allow the glue to dry.
Make blank feet.Okleyte 2 packs of foil.One pack lay flat, as will be located foot robot .If you decide to weight the legs, then sand or clay is necessary to put it in the pack.Find the middle of the foot and stick to it vertically another pack.Short side packs are perpendicular to each other.Similarly, do the second leg.
Glue the legs to the torso.For this smear glue the upper bound of the workpiece feet and align it with the bottom edge of the workpiece body.One of the side surfaces of the legs is a continuation of the side surface of the trunk.
okleyte foil 2 more packs.For high robot arm can be made of the two packs , aligning the side surface of the lower surface of one another.For a short, robot enough to one pack for each hand.Glue the arms to the body as you like.Hands can be dropped down - in this case the largest surface smear hands and press it tightly to the body, aligning the short side of the pack with shoulder.You can take your hands forward or backward, in this case it is necessary to smear glue only part of the package.
make a robot face.You can cut out the "eyes", "nose", "teeth" of colored paper, and you can use colored tape, to foil it will stick better.Paint the torso on your own - there may be all kinds of light bulbs, buttons, levers.