lures or repellents?

If you plan to get rid of pesky rats and mice using ultrasonic repeller should immediately abandon the other traps.A positive result using the direct opposite of funds can not be achieved.

smell of food attracts rodents in traps because they do not leave their place of habitation.As a result, you may find that the deterrent is not working.

Features sonication

To repeller action to be effective, it is necessary to use it properly.In an empty room with no furniture, carpets and other soft items Ultrasound will be reflected off the walls, floor and ceiling, and the maximum to fill the space.Usually in such empty spaces using thin repellents.

If this apartment is filled with furniture and other home furnishings, it is better to buy a more powerful deterrent rodents.T
he absence of reflections from the walls must be compensated by a significant range.And of course, it is important to know that the range of the specified in the data sheet is designed for open space without obstacles.Typically, the effect is achieved when using repeller from 2 to 6 weeks.

How to post repeller rodents?

Repeller will bring little benefit if it is properly placed.Do not install the unit on the floor and block the space in front of the radiator, for example, a wardrobe.This use case is doomed to failure.Manufacturers of effective repellents Russian "Grad A-550" is recommended to place them at a height of about 1-1.5 floor.You can put the device on the floor or just hang on the wall.Usually scares even equipped with a special bracket for wall mounting.As for the radiator, it should not be obstructed by any objects.Otherwise, the ultrasound will just bounce off them.

homeowners may be advisable to purchase several repellents, and place them on different floors in the basement and in the attic, because through the walls of the ultrasound does not pass.If rodents are divorced in the basement, repeller should be in each isolated compartment.The apartment is recommended to place the unit in the kitchen or bathroom.This is due to the possibility of penetration of pests through the riser.The number of scares in warehouses must be chosen depending on the clutter of the room.

scares on batteries

ultrasonic repellents usually operate from 220 V or AAA batteries, or Crohn's disease.If you purchase the device in not heated room, it is not necessary to give preference to portable scares.Often, they simply can not withstand freezing temperatures.Batteries quickly sit down.It is much better to use the device with a stationary power.