Tip 1: How to make a spear gun

None scuba hunting not yet managed to do without a special underwater gun.Underwater guns are used for fishing on a large enough depth in them, unlike conventional guns, do not use bullets.Shoot the underwater spear gun special or darts.Make it gun simply, at the same time it is very reliable in operation.
you need
  • - special, heat-treated spring with corrosion-resistant coating
  • - wire 2 mm in diameter
  • - duralumin tube barrel, 12.5 - 13 mm in diameter
  • - two plates - nylon suitbeech, aluminum, oak - to handle
  • - rod of stainless steel with a diameter of 6-8 mm - to harpoon
Cut the thread at both ends dural tube and cut a groove shteploand a length of 150-170 mm.Carved and muzzle cap.Drill a hole in the cap for the harpoon.
Clamp plates in a vice grip and drill a hole for the barrel.Cut out the contours of the handle and do a sample depth of 3.5 mm below the trigger.
Connect the two halves of the handle on the barrel and push the screws.Make a trigger.T
his is a fairly simple locksmithing.
Make a harpoon made of stainless steel.The sleeve, which carries Lin should slide on the harpoon.It must rest on the shank and amortized by ftoroplastikovogo ring.
Cut out strips of steel leskosbrasyvatel and attach it with two screws to the plug stem.The shotgun ready.

Tip 2: How to make the most speargun

Unfortunately, not everyone is deceived underwater hunting can pick up a gear to taste.Most commercially available guns - crossbows.But the accuracy of their fight is not always satisfied hunters.A more accurate spring guns are not produced by the domestic industry.One possible way in this situation is an independent manufacturer of spring guns.
How to make the most speargun
you need
  • - duralumin tube;
  • - wire;
  • - wooden or aluminum plates for the handle;
  • - a steel rod;
  • - lathe;
  • - vices;
  • - cutter or file
Make a barrel of dural tube.For these purposes is fine ski pole.The recommended length of the barrel - 60-75 centimeters.
Cut the thread at both ends of the trunk.Make the groove under the sear.The length of the slot should be between 15 to 17 cm - this will adjust the strength of battle, moving the handle of the barrel.
Drill a hole in the trunk - they will serve for quick and easy release of water.
Make plug and muzzle of duralumin.Drill a hole in the cap for a harpoon - a harpoon through it will be inserted into the barrel during transport.
Take the wire brand PC 65G or Allied.Wire Diameter - 2 mm.Naveyte spring from it, using a lathe.The length of the spring should be 25-30 cm longer than the length of the barrel of your gun.This is due to the fact that the spring works on compression, and after the first few rounds its length is reduced by 15-20%.Perform heat treatment of the spring, and then treat it with anti-corrosion coating.It should be remembered that the production of spring - the process is fairly complex.Therefore, if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to seek help from a professional turner.
Make a handle.Take a plate, and holding them in a vise, drill a hole corresponding to the diameter of the trunk.Cut out the outline of the handle.Take a sample of each plate under the trigger with a file or cutter.Sampling depth - 3.5 mm.
Connect the plate on the trunk and press them with screws.Install the thrust washer to handle it secured clamping screw.This will prevent slip grip on the trunk.
Make a trigger, springs, sear and fuse to trigger.Fuse is a base which is rotated by means of flags and locks the trigger.Temper the sear.
Make a harpoon.The best material for the manufacture of stainless steel is considered 30HGS or EI-961.Bush, sliding on the harpoon, should be amortized PTFE ring and abut the shank.Lin is attached to the sleeve.Sharpen the tip of a four or three faces.Make check of wire - it will serve to hold the fish.
Cut leskosbrasyvatel steel.Attach it to plug the barrel with two screws. gun ready.
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By way of firing a dart underwater gun divided into airand crossbow.In Russia, the most popular air guns, but their production - a process that requires special skills.
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