you need
  • business plan, room to work, sewing equipment, staff, fabric and other elements necessary for sewing, shopping outlets of finished products.
study the market and see the trends of fashion, to let out the clothes were in demand among the population.
Check out the current legislation on the process of registration of legal persons in their respective governing bodies.Register your company and get all of the required documentation.Open a bank account.
podyschu spacious and well lit room to work, you can either buy or rent.Go through the procedure of verification of his status by inviting representatives of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, Environmental Commission, and
the fire service.
develop a business plan or make it perfect by bringing specialists.Stipulate in the business plan concerning all aspects of the work: the schedule, the working conditions of employees, etc.
Purchase equipment that will need to release the clothing line, given the specialization of your company.
Before taking employees decide who will develop models of clothes.Contact your service designers or yourself think over the future clothing line.
Purchase fabric and sewing all related details: thread, scissors, items of clothing and jewelery etc.Do not choose a cheap fabric to finished goods in stock not lie.
Decide on the advertising campaign of your product.Signed a contract with shops and markets, providing samples of finished garments.
At positive results as needed, expand the staff.Hiring new designers to graduation robes met all the requirements of fashion.
Organize the work so that there are no hitches and downtime.