Watering is very important to regularly watered house plants, or they will wither and die.However, it should be remembered that each type requires a certain mode, so you should learn about its features.It is not so important the frequency of watering as the amount of water that a person pours into the pot.For example, it often results in excess death of the plant, as its root rot simply.You can solve this problem acquisition of the pot with a saucer and a small hole.Through it will leave the excess water, and it will not spoil the window sill.


plant will not bloom if it lacks the nutrients that it takes from the soil.For this reason, you should fertilize her.In the flower shop you can find a huge number of various fertilizers.You can get something universal, but rather one that has be
en specifically designed for this type of plant.Fertilizer need to dissolve in water and flower watering them from time to time.It is very important not to overdo it, because the plant may die.

important to remember that the soil in the pot should be changed at least once a year.Land for replacement can be taken from the garden, but it's better to buy it in a flower shop.In this case there will need to pour additional fertilizers, since it will contain all required in the optimal dosages.Lender will only need to fill in a pot ready to land and water the plant after transplanting.If it was taken from the garden, you will need to add the fertilizer.It is better to buy in a flower shop, it is not recommended to use manure as plants can get sick, and it may appear gnats, from which it will be difficult to get rid of later.


Any plant needs light, some less, some more.It is important to comply with these recommendations, otherwise it will die.It should be aware of the requirements for a species to plant later with no problems.In addition, it will be easier to find it the best place on the windowsill to the flower was as comfortable as possible.


important to know that all the plants breathe with the help of the leaves, so it is necessary from time to time to wipe them with a damp cloth.Such a measure would not let him waste away.It is also recommended sometimes sprinkle the leaves with water.For these purposes should purchase bryzgalku.Particularly relevant this water treatment for those plants whose leaves are constantly dry at the tips.This suggests that they do not have enough moisture, because the room is too dry.