every parent's surprise and delight the bulk card with a picture of the sky, birds and planes.To create a card, use a bright colored paper and scissors to cut out the figures and applications.
To start decorate the front cover greeting.Cut out the first words of congratulations of paper or write them beautiful handwriting marker.Decorate the cover of clouds and airplanes shapes, make a bright frame.
card will volume - revealing she will demonstrate the clouds and the spiral track from an airplane.From white, bluish, brown and silver paper cut small pie
ces and fold them in half.
Draw on pieces of paper, folded in half, close to the folded halves of clouds, birds and planes of different shapes and silhouettes.
Then cut along the contour drawing, the crook make central incision, and expand the leaves - you should have mirrored figures with a slot through which the figures will put on a strip of colored cardboard.Cardboard figures to put on a stick to the inside of the card.
From the sheet of construction paper cut stretch-volume spiral.Its central point grease with glue and glue to one of the cards inside.The second part of the card stick outer part spiral, smeared with glue.
to the narrow side of the spiral, glued to the card, Conn figure aircraft to create the effect of the track coming out of its tail.Modify postcard clouds, birds, sun, draw and write congratulations.
also postcard possible topics to coincide with the interests or the Pope - on card can be stuck in a tie applique or car, or make postcard about fishing or chess.