Of course, the occasional bath will not do the stones that you can gather near water.Such a way to save money can cause a number of problems.Such stones are poorly maintained temperature changes, can crack and cause injury are in the steam room.Better to buy special stones for the bath.
Special stones for the bath are of two types - chipped and diked.Recent polished and rounded, it looks aesthetically pleasing, but stab more surface area for evaporation.
cut stone are small and large.Small suitable for electric furnaces, and wood for the large (although they can combine both types of stones, the main thing to keep air).
Usually sauna stoves used gabbro-diabase and talkohlorit.Gabbro-diabase - the cheapest and most popular option, it is resistant to temperature chang
es.Talkohlorit considered more suitable for the bath, because it has the same wavelength thermal radiation as a person.Talkohlorit provides a very comfortable and soft steam heat.
Another popular option for stone sauna stoves - crimson quartzite.This natural stone, characterized by a homogeneous mineral composition.Raspberry quartzite mined in Karelia.It's a very beautiful material, which, thanks to its properties, is widely used as stone for stoves in the baths and saunas.According to various medical research, crimson quartzite has a number of medicinal properties.In particular, this mineral normalizes blood pressure, helps with back pain, improves blood circulation.Raspberry quartzite provides a "light" steam for a long time, since the low thermal conductivity and high heat density provides a gradual return.
Jadeite wonderful shows itself as a stone sauna.This semi-precious, very beautiful and durable stone, which has an impressive heat.In ancient times, healers have used jade for the normalization of bowel and stomach, treatment of heart disease and blood pressure regulation.Regular visits to the sauna with jadeite stones can significantly improve your health.Keep in mind that jade is much more expensive than other options of stones, but also benefit from it more.