Most home air ionizers create unbound electrons flow, which are connected to an electrically neutral oxygen molecules and ionize them.The air is saturated with negative ions, positive effect on well-being and vitality.
Depending on how the ionization device is separated into plasma, thermal, UV, water, elektroefflyuvialnye, radium and crown.On elektroafflyuvialnogo ionizer electrodes are energized high voltage under the action of which begins to produce electrons.
on pointed metal rods ionizing electrons accumulate - electric efflyuvy.When they interact with atoms of oxygen near the electrode are formed negative ions, which move from the ionizer.There is a stream of charged particles, also called air ions wind.
strength of the flow does not always speak about the level of ionization.Sometimes heavy traffic, this level may be low, since the electrons and negative ions are constantly faced and capture the positive ions and neutral molecules.
There ionizers, working on the principle of "ionic wind", as well as devices with a built-in fan.The first function is virtually silent, their low cost, but some say their weak ventilation effect and a high yield of ozone.Although the amount of ozone produced does not exceed health standards, in sensitive people it can cause discomfort.
Bipolar ionizers produce both negative and positive ions.It is believed that for optimum indoor climate necessary to develop negatively and positively charged ions.However, working in the room appliances promotes the formation of a large number of positive ions, so it makes sense to use a bipolar ionizer where there is a minimum of equipment, for example, in the bedroom or nursery.
Each ionizer is designed to service a particular area, in most cases, it varies from 10 to 160 square meters.m. Typically, bacteria and viruses are positively charged, so the air is saturated with negative charges neutralize harmful microbes that live in it.Employment ionizer also promotes the precipitation of dust present in the room.As a result, the air is cleaner, the unpleasant smell disappears, decreases smokiness.