Tip 1: How to decorate a flower pot

Flowerpots are unlimited field to implement their design ideas.The surface of the pot allows you to use a variety of techniques and methods that can help as a result of a unique element of the interior, and a reason for pride.
you need
  • - acrylic paint, brush synthetic, scraps of fabric, scissors, glue PVA
  • - PVA glue, old glossy magazine, scissors
  • - ceramic tiles, hammer, tile adhesive, brush mixturegrouting
  • - black spray paint, golden enamel, glue, gold cord, or artificial amber beads
patchwork technique relates to sewing and involves a combination of various pieces of cloth.To decorate the flower pot will be used only element of art - it works with rags.White acrylic paint with a brush cover the surface of the pot.
colored pieces of cloth cut into squares.The size of the squares is determined taking into account the area of ​​the flower pot.
with glue PVA glue flaps on the surface of the pot and allow to dry.
to look scraps sewn, felt-tip pen to
draw stitches.
to create psevdomozaiki bright pages of a glossy magazine cut into pieces of 2x3 cm.
on the surface of the pot with a brush, apply glue and sprinkle with chopped pieces.Attach surface spray adhesive.
to implement the following ideas take the tiles, put on a sustainable basis, cover with a cloth with a hammer and break into small pieces.
on pot apply a layer of tile adhesive.Stick pieces of tile received and let dry during the day.
Once dry, apply a mixture of grout between the tile pieces.Remove excess with a damp sponge.After a quarter of an hour the flower pot can be used for other purposes.
If your box has an amber bracelet, you will no longer be used for its intended purpose, it is possible to give him a second life in the decoration of the flower pot.Elements of bracelets on one side flat, so easily attached to the surface of the pot.
Cover the pot of black spray paint, apply a top golden enamel.This layering allows you to find a noble golden brown darker shade.
After drying glue amber stones.Round stones lay decorative cord golden hue and secure it with glue.If you do not have amber, do not give up the idea, replace the artificial gem or large flat beads.
Eastern overtones give the flower pot will mesh fabric with large cells and various beads.Cover the surface of the pot with acrylic paint in anthracite.Get perfectly smooth, thin coat of paint will help the sponge.
from the grid cut two strips of 5 cm length is determined based on the size of the pot.The strips are attached at the lower and upper edge.
Aerosol gold paint and paint the grid beads.After drying glue strip on the top and bottom of the form to the edge of pre-colored beads.
remaining space on the grid can be decorated with coins of different sizes in the style of feng shui.

Tip 2: How to decorate a pot

There are a lot of ideas, telling about how to decorate a pot that you had podnadoest.Some ideas like reincarnation pots really considered complex, others quite easily feasible, and everything you need to your pot began to play with new colors, most of you have at home, but that does not suffice, you can easily buy.
How to decorate a pot

So, your attention is invited to one of the options that will help you transform yourself an old pot in a work of art.

You will need a pot of plastic, plaster, various slides, PVA glue, special nail polish, a small brush and a clean cloth.In this case, the slides were used, which were collected on the coast, but you can use everything from shells and finishing stones, or you can go to a pet shop and buy there special colored stones.

better if your slides or pebbles are several colors, in this case, you can lay out the pattern.So when you have decided with what exactly you will be drawing, you need to put it on paper.

Then, when you already know what you will have a drawing you start working on it.First of all you have to stick to the pot main picture, and then background.Be sure to wait until the glue dries, remember that it is laborious exercise may take you several days.

Then you apply the plaster, do not try to apply the putty only stitches.Better promazhte full pot, do not be alarmed if some glass pieces will fall, you can paste them after the plaster dries.On drying putty takes about 24 hours.

Once you have done putty, wait 5 minutes, no more, and then take your cloth and begin to slowly flush with plaster stones.After that, wait for the complete drying putty.

After a day and a half is better to make sure that the plaster has dried up, it starts to get light, you have to cover all the slides varnish.Wait until the paint is dry, the pot and bring to light.Your slides are not real light shine, it came out very nice and the main thing that you did it yourself.

As you can see, in order to decorate the pot, do not need great skills.But perseverance and a good imagination here will not be superfluous.Thus, we can make their own, unique collection of pots from the other.