First of all, you need to prepare the model and come up with a sketch of the doll, and to determine exactly where the moving parts are connected dolls.Apply a sketch of the site of attachment joints.Secure the joints using a doll hat gum.
paperkleya Of Fashion a clay sculpture or doll parts, grind and smooth them and then cover with varnish.Determine which part of the items will be opening for pouring the porcelain - this hole should not be visible in the finished doll.For details doll dolepite funnel through which you will fill in liquid porcelain.Divide the items into tw
o or three parts, performing the cutting in places difficult terrain.
Now for removing mold - plasticine do podmodelnik, they stuck to the model of the marked line of separation, and then do it the reverse side of a pencil recess.Along the edges of the clay podmodelnika make sides and then make a solution of gypsum, beat him and pour in podmodelnik.
When the first part of the mold hardens, remove and lubricate podmodelnik portion of the mold with Vaseline.Make bumpers and fill plaster.Unscrambling of the mold and remove the model.The edges of shapes grind.Dry the form within two to three days at room temperature.Assemble the dry form and pull it elastic or wire, leaving a hole in the right place for infusion porcelain.
Porcelain Mix and pour into the prepared funnel to the edges of the form, filling slowly to avoid air bubbles.After five minutes, drain the remaining porcelain from the mold, and after three hours, remove the rubber bands and separate form.Carefully remove the porcelain piece, cut off the funnel and make holes for fixing scheme joints.Make a manner the head, torso, arms and legs doll.
Dry parts and grind joints, remaining on the form, before roasting.Then anneal porcelain items, observing the rules of temperatures in the furnace, and finally, when parts have cooled down, begin to paint the doll's face, using acrylic paints, ceramics and porcelain.
Collect doll together using gum hat, first fixing on the body with both hands, and then securing the head and legs.Pass the loop in the metal washer to keep it from slipping.Now all you have to modify doll - to come up with clothes, accessories, make her hairstyle.