Use a substrate of cardboard or thin plywood to make the photograph stiffness.Adhered to consider the fact that the substrate must be completely invisible.It is desirable that the image and cardboard were identical in size.
If you paste a photo on the substrate larger than the picture itself, it simply glue photo the center, leaving the same field on all sides (you can shift the picture slightly up, while the bottom margin will be slightlymore, it will allow you to make an inscription to the picture, although the interior is not welcome).If you make framing photos, then make it simple and concise.The most common framing frame using black or white backing.
choosing background color, remember that the tone should not clog the plot
image.If the photo is black and white, the substrate and selects the appropriate tones for color images and you can choose the color.
If you like all the original, then you can paste a photo not centered, but offset.Remember, however, that such a move should be justified (for example, a completely conventional landscape picture just does not make sense to install some unusual way).Choose this method for really bizarre pictures.
for direct bonding to the substrate pictures there are several ways.If you prefer to glue the pictures, then just stick shot with a rubber adhesive.To do this, take the glue and apply a thin even layer and photo and the substrate.Then wait a few minutes, the adhesive has dried up a bit, and attach the bonding surfaces to each other.Squeeze them with a soft cloth.
You can also use anhydrous glue for sticking photos on cardboard, it is sold in a special aerosol and sprayed on surfaces to be glued.When used well, wait a few minutes to glue a little dried up.
Use double sided tape to adhere the image, especially in those cases, if you plan to remove the photo from the substrate after a while.