you need
  • - cardboard boxes of different sizes;
  • - adhesive;
  • - paint;
  • - adhesive tape;
  • - pieces of foam;
  • - scraps of fabric.
Pick a small box out of medicines, cosmetics, matches.This is an excellent material for making furniture.Put them in the form of a table, a sofa or cabinet and glue together with white glue.paste over the surface of the colored paper or self-adhesive film.Or you can just paint with gouache or acrylic paints.
Wonderful chairs and high-backed chairs made of cardboard cylinder from the paper towels or toilet paper.They are quite strong, therefore, does not fall apart during the game.
Cut the cylinder into equal parts.Use a sharp knife for this wallpaper.Make seat and back, cutting off one of the walls of the cylinder.To chair was stable, fill something hollow hole.For example, scraps of cardboard.Paint detail in bri
ght color.
From cardboard cut out a circle.Its diameter should be a couple of millimeters larger cylinder.Stick to it and a circle of foam obtyanite cloth.This item superglue stick to the seat.
table is made with a few hairpins for hair and pieces of cardboard.To make it look more natural as possible, detail countertops obkleyte adhesive film under the tree.The cardboard countertop slide the pair of pins, which will serve as legs.
soft sofa is made of durable boxes.Cut a piece that resembles the shape of the sofa, and glue the foam obtyanite dense tissue.
lamp to use a piece of straw to drink.Attach it to the bottom of the board, and make a lampshade out of colored paper and attach it to a straw.Decorate it with beads and beads.
floor mat of twisted yarn knit and crochet.You can now furnish a dollhouse.
But what home without accessories.Miniature posudku mold out of salt dough, bake in the oven and paint.Cut the cloth on the table of a paper napkin.From colorful patchwork sew curtains and bedspreads.