you need
  • - leather;
  • - river sand;
  • - cutters;
  • - pencil-collotype;
  • - fast drying;
  • - triangular file.
To apply engraving into small parts, it is necessary to make a pillow engraving.To do this, of leather or canvas, cut two circles Ø20sm.Leaving allowance of 5 mm, double stitch circles.Walking distance to leave nezashitym to perform printing.Rinse and dry river sand.Through a funnel pour it into the pillow stuffing as possible tighter.Now you can sew up the hole left behind.
Learn how to properly hold a tool.Place your index finger on top at the tip of the blade.Keep the blade side of the thumb.Middle,
ring and little fingers pressed against the handle of the tool hand.The tip of the blade should protrude from the nozzle at his index finger within 5 - 7 mm.Left-handed push the product to the cushion.The thumb of the right hand must be in the product abut and forefinger - to adjust the depth of cut.Always point the tool away, leaving him in the direction of the hand intact.At the same time, turn the product to meet him.
Follow a few exercises on different plates of steel or copper to identify the technical capabilities of different cutters.Cutters with oval or circular cross-section is conveniently carried out wide straight lines and square - rounded.Note that if the tip of the tool is too elevated, or sharpening angle greater than 45 °, the tool will always jump.And at too acute angle sharpening it will break down, burying the metal.To address these shortcomings, practicing, select the desired sharpening angle.
cutter move stress-free when removing chips.If the surface of ductile metal burrs appear, remove them scraper.Take it from the triangular file, Stoch notch with faces.The metal surface is etched to smooth out fine sandpaper and machine polishing paste.Apply a pencil-collotype drawing and fix it fast-drying varnish.