Tip 1: How to make a simple motor

You probably had to remember from school physics course that the magnetic field on the current-carrying conductor the force that causes it to rotate.In our simple little engine , assembly instructions that follow will be the screw rotor.Through it will be a constant electric current and magnetic field, respectively, provide the magnet.Everything is very simple.Such a simple motor can raise even a child, spending more than half a minute is not.
you need
  • battery, wires, screws, magnet
Take a piece of wire, strip both ends.Lightly fold it and set aside briefly.
Take the screw and put it on the magnet cap down (it should stick with the flat side).The magnet assembly of the electric motor of to can be removed from the old small headphones, "lumps" or remove the compact version of the magnet for the refrigerator.A screw with a magnet Lift the edge of the battery.Magnetized screw and stick the tip.The rotor motor of ready.
one hand push one end of the wire to the scr
ew on the opposite edge of the battery.Zoom in to the second end of the other end, the screw cap with the magnet.In contact screw starts to move.

Tip 2: How to make electric motors

unipolar motor works on the same principle as the unipolar generator (Faraday disk), using the principle of reversibility of electromagnetic phenomena.This engine is characterized by the fact that consumes significant current at low voltage.
How to make electric motors
Put on special glasses designed to protect against mechanical hazards, as well as heat-resistant gloves.Unipolar motor spins up the rate at which its moving parts can detach and cause eye injury and its constituent parts can be warmed up conductor to considerable temperatures.
Remove from corrupted headphones magnet.The magnets are used two types of black and silver ring, similar to the tablet.Suitable only magnet of the second type.In no case do not let it swallow children and pets!
Take an ordinary nail or screw.Put a magnet on his hat.
Regular penlight batteries (preferably salt, since its internal resistance is greater than that safer) take in the left hand and place the plus vertically downwards.In no case do not use the battery or lithium battery.By the positive terminal of the battery primagnitte sharp nail or screw to the magnet with a hat hung down.Use your thumb to press the left hand to the negative terminal of the battery piece of wire.
right hand the other end of the wire gently press the side of the magnet, and it starts to rotate.Hold the engine in this condition a few seconds, then turn off, or it will heat up.Do not touch the moving parts and do not let engine to gain increased momentum.In all cases, feeling the slightest heat, immediately turn off the motor.
Turn the magnet and repeat the experience.You will find that the motor rotates in the opposite direction.
Now try to change the polarity of the batteries.You will find that this will lead to the same effect - the rotational direction is reversed.If the flip both the battery and the magnet, nothing will change - will work the principle of "minus by minus gives plus."
  • unipolar motor
Given the low friction (screw concerns batteries at one point), a screw may spin up to 10thousands of revolutions per minute.Therefore, when you repeat the experiment, keep the device away from your face - the rotor can easily fly off at high speed.Protect your eyes.