you need
  • plastic box the size of not less than 20h20h20 see
  • Plywood 1 cm thick
  • Reiki
  • boards
  • Hammer, nails, jig saw, hacksaw
  • Drains
  • Fiberglass
  • Metal mesh
  • wooden beams to support
As a house that is constantly in a cell, you can use a plastic box the right size.For this purpose it is necessary to make input.Draw on one side of the contour of the hole and emptied input a hacksaw or jigsaw.The bottom of the house in this is not necessary.
if appropriate boxes are not found, make a box for yourself.Cut four squares of thick plywood.Size wooden house about the same as a plastic.It ca
n be made of any shape.The main thing that the animal was placed there freely.In one box, cut a hole.3 Cut the rail at a height equal to the height of the house.Came to them pieces of plywood so that the slats were inside.What will be the roof - depending on your taste.Mumps is like, so you can make the flat roof.Cut another piece of rack 4 in length and width of the house.Cut the corners of 45 ° or make a recess.Connect the rails together.Pinned to the walls of their house.Put them on the roof and impaled her nails..
If you are going to take pigs to the country, take care of the larger house.Make a wooden box with double walls.Its dimensions match the dimensions of the inner part of the cell.Mark the plywood, and drank from it 4 pieces for internal house and 4 to the outside.Cover the outside of the impregnation to house not rotted.The outer perimeter will be a bit more clearance between the walls of 2.5-3 cm. The gaps between the walls fill with glass wool.And a country house, of course, there is the bottom.It is put forward that it was possible to maintain cleanliness and order.
The front wall of the house make a big door.Tighten its metal mesh.The rain will need to hang the door with burlap because pigs rain is harmful, but at the same time need air.The roof of the house from top to cover the tar paper or similar materials for roofs.
Assembled house arrived on 4 supports.Supports embedded in the ground to a depth of at least 0.5 m. The pillars themselves should be at least 1, 5 m (better to add another 15-20 cm).You can certainly put a house on specially made for this table.The main thing that the design was stable.This house does not have to stand on the ground.Pigs love the heat, and the temperature in the cell even in the cold of the night should not fall below -5 ° C.