you need
  • - find the right section;
  • - check all the documents;
  • - to issue a sales contract and deed of transfer and acceptance;
  • - pay the state fee for registration;
  • - register ownership of its name.
Suburban section refers to the objects of real estate.Therefore, registration of the sale should be carried out in accordance with the purchase of real estate.You can entrust it to professionals from a reliable agency.If you decide to buy a cottage on their own, then purchase it from the owner as to make legal actions with real estate, it is entitled only to the owner or a notar
ized proxy.
most profitable to buy country houses in the fall, when the holiday season has passed, and garden considerably cheaper.Early in the spring for the purchase will have to pay 30% more.
Picking holiday site , refer to the documents the seller.Carefully check the passport, certificate of ownership.The seller must have an extract from the cadastral passport of the land and a copy of the cadastral plan.If there is a structure, it is to be an extract from BTI and a copy of the technical plan.
If site sells trustee be required to present the authorization form.It must be issued no more than three years ago, as the three years the power of attorney is invalid.
If the owner has acquired or received holiday site , being officially married, you will need notarized authorization for the transaction from the wife (Article 34 of the RF IC and 256 of the Civil Code).
In cases where land have the right to a few people who are listed in the certificate of ownership of all the owners need notarization marketing authorization (Article 244 of the Civil Code).
After checking the documents and inspection of the site can execute a sales contract in written or notarial form and an act of acceptance and transfer, without which the deal will not be registered.
Ownership will pass to your name as a result of the state registration documents at the Federal Office of the State Registration Center (Article 131 of the Civil Code and the Federal Law 122-F3).