disposal of the apartment, located in the common property is different from the usual features of certain real estate sale.In particular, the owner must make certain preparatory steps that precede the conclusion of the contract of sale, transfer funds, registration of transfer of ownership.The existing law establishes the duty of the owner of the share offer to other owners of similar property to buy out before it is sold to third parties.In other words, the co-owners have a preemptive right to purchase a share in a flat.

How to make a notification of the sale of shares in the apartment?

Notice of disposal of the apartment shall be in writing, sent to the owners of the other share (shares) in the said estate known to the seller at the addresses.If there are severa
l possible addresses, it is best to send a notice to each of them.In the notice must specify for the implementation of a particular share in the property, reflect the sale price and other conditions, to report on pre-emption.Notice encouraged to registered letter with a list of contents, return receipt requested.After receiving notice from the other owners will be thirty days on the implementation of the pre-emptive rights or waived.

What to do after the notice?

If within thirty days of the other apartment owners have not expressed intention to acquire a stake or renounced this right in writing, the seller may, without any fear of offering property for everyone.If you find a buyer parties conclude the sales contract on the agreed terms and conditions for payment, record the transfer of ownership of a share in an apartment.Make deals before the expiration of thirty days or receipt of the written refusal from the other apartment owners should not, as it may be invalidated in court, which would entail additional costs and difficulties for the seller.The term for appealing to the courts in this case is three months from the date of the transaction, and if the claim rights, responsibilities buyer go to the plaintiff, the preemptive right which has been violated.