you need
  • - statement,
  • - passport,
  • - certificate,
  • - birth certificates of all children,
  • - certificate from the place of residence of family members,
  • - an extract from the house register,
  • - marriage certificate,
  • - a package of documents, depending on the use of funds.
improve living conditions or to buy a house , paying part of the cost of funds to the parent capital in several ways.You can buy a house or an apartment from any individuals who are willing to accept money by wire transfer by transferring their account to participate in the construction of housing in building soc
iety, to build housing own, to make an initial payment, processing housing creditor to repay an existing loan.
In all cases, use the parent capital can be no earlier than the child turns 3 years.The exception is the repayment of the existing loan.
to use the funds necessary to address the territorial pension fund statement.And to do so should be no earlier than 2.5 years after the birth or adoption of a child, in addition to the above case.
applications will be considered at least two months, and then make a decision.It is also necessary to submit a number of documents.It takes the original certificate for maternity capital, passport, certificate of residence.These are the main documents required for consideration of the application.Depending on the type of use of said funds will also need a large package of additional documents.
If bought a house, you need to show a contract of sale registered in the Unified State Register, an extract from the same place that housing not arrested, is not burdened with a copy of the certificate to buy a property in the name of the seller.
With the participation in the joint construction required contracts registered in the Unified State Register, extract from the register of the cooperative, the certificate of registration or the required amount, a copy of the organization's charter, a marriage certificate and a copy.Cooperative members can be both mother and father.Money is listed, regardless of this.
If housing purchased on credit, require an additional contract a loan or mortgage with registration in the Unified State Register, a certificate from the bank on the amount of debt,
With self-build housing needto submit a document of ownership or lease of land, building permits and construction passport.
Housing, acquired by any means, shall be in the territory of the Russian Federation.Once the capital of the parent spent on the purchase of housing or improvement of living conditions, the Pension Fund have to submit a full report on the documentary registration of property in the general share property of a family, part of which belongs to the children.