you need
  • - cadastral passport on the ground;
  • - documents on ownership of the house and land.
to advertise the sale of the house on the Internet, you need to register at one of the sites devoted to real estate transactions.Its services are provided by such portals as , , the most of the services are free.Spend money only to have if you want your ads long hung in the top ten.Finding him there to provide the maximum number of views per day.
composing ad text, do not miss important.Be sure to specify where the house, especially if it is a prestigious area.Mark the presence or absence of communication (water, sewer, gas heating).Write area of ​​the house and land.If the dwelling is located in the city, tell us about the environ
mental infrastructure - schools, shops, kindergartens.
When selling a country house Emphasize customer proximity to forests, lakes and ponds.Try to highlight the benefits of your property.Do not forget about the recent renovation, the beautiful landscape from the window, convenient access.These details are able to attract the attention of a greater number of people interested in buying.
Take a picture of the house inside and out.Choose the best angle to hide the flaws (plaster has fallen off or an old furniture).It may just scare picky buyer.
Besides the Internet, publish ads in newspapers and magazines on the property.Some of these messages are printed for free, making a profit from the sale of publications.Other texts place for the money.For details, check with your sales managers in the right tabloid.
Inform the sale of the house of friends and acquaintances."Word of mouth" sometimes helps sell property quickly enough with it.
If you sell your own home does not work, consult an expert.Real estate agent will quickly find buyers for your property.But he will have to pay a commission.Usually it is 5-10 percent of the cost of housing.