you need
  • - a copy of the floor plan BTI apartments, which is located under the attic;
  • - and a copy of your passport;
  • - technical advice about the possibility of conversion of the attic in the attic;
  • - conversion project;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - documents BTI the object (cadastral passport);
  • - photo attic of the building inside and out.
According to the Housing Code, attics are considered common property of all owners of premises in an apartment building.To get the ownership of the loft, you must first obtain the consent for sale by its current owners (not less than 2/3 of the votes).
You have to not only look for the owners of the attic, but also to organize their meetings, record the homeowners (HOA), engaged in registration of general share ownership of non-residential premises.
receiving consent residents of the house, it is necessary to develop a project design document for the renovation or conversion of the attic in the attic floor.To do this requires the consent of the local authorities: Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Gospozhnadzora, Sanitary Inspection, the State Control Department of protection and use of historical and cultural monuments.And you need to start a conversation with your local Deza (Directorate single customer).
Usually the procedure of transfer of ownership to the attic with the production of all necessary technical documentation takes about 15 months.
In case of purchase of attics non-residential buildings, need permission for the reconstruction of the building c further commissioning of the new property.Often at the same time the municipal authorities have to pay up to 50% of the newly emerging areas.
expedite the ownership of the loft, you can use the legal intermediary companies, but it will have to pay a round sum for their services.
If we talk about renting the attic, then, for this you will also need the consent of 2/3 of the owners of the attic in an apartment building.Only then you will be able to enter into a lease and register the attic in his new capacity.