you need
  • - application;
  • - passport;
  • - notarised power of attorney;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - a resolution of the guardianship authorities;
  • - a court order.
To do this, you must contact the local office of the Federal Migration Service of a statement, passport and birth certificate of the child.The application is filled in situ in the presence of an authorized officer of the Federal Migration Service, the form has a uniform shape.When removing from the register will be given a sheet of departure, which is submitted for registration to the new address.
If parents, guardians or legal representatives are already in another city, visit the FMS at the place of p
ermanent residence is not necessary.They are required to contact the local office of the migration service with an application for a residence permit at the new address.Authorized staff will request an extract of the said persons and minors at the old address.Within two months, the answer will come on removal from the register on the basis of which it will be possible to issue a residence permit to a new address.
Another option to write minors, is to give the authorization form on which you can make legal actions instead of parents, guardians or legal representatives, if they can not independently write the minors and personally appeal to the Migration Service.
Notary trustee is obliged to fill out an application, present a passport and notarized power of attorney, birth certificates of children.At the request of the children will be removed from the register and the address will be given a sheet of departure.
minors who are owners of property , we can write for the alienation of housing only by order of the guardianship authorities.Parents, guardians or legal representatives shall apply to the guardianship with a written application, submit documentary evidence that the minor is the equivalent living space in the property or open a bank account, and it included an amount equal to the value of the share of the property of minors.On the basis of documentary evidence submitted by the owners of minors be allowed to write and sell a house.
On the basis of the decision of the court of minors can be written, if they have not lived in the housing, the parents removed from the register, but the contact person at the FMS and the children do not plan to write.