If you are planning to buy cheap housing , plan to purchase in the cold season.The most active burst of buying activity in the spring and summer, when the price of apartments increased by 10-15%.
cost of housing, which is located away from the city center is always cheaper by 30% than in the center.In the "sleeping" area, you can buy a house with similar characteristics are much cheaper.
lodging buys in the zero cycle of construction by the developer is always cheaper than in the house, put into operation.If you want to save, pay a down payment for an apartment, when only that marked the foundation.Modern construction techniques allow build a multi-storey houses in a short time, and you become t
he owner of a brand new apartments, the cost of which will be 30-35% lower than buying housing built in the house.
Apartments sold in the secondary market are always cheaper than new buildings, especially if they need repair and are in satisfactory condition.But this method of saving is questionable.Overhaul cost you not much cheaper, and in some cases even more than if you paid 30-35% more and bought a renovated apartment.
If you own look and execute property without using the services of the agency, it will save a significant portion of funds.Professional real estate agencies charge a good percentage for their services, but it is almost always guarantee legal clarity of the transaction, have a huge database of sold property and help to properly arrange the transaction in accordance with all requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation.
Quite by accident, you can buy property first hand, which is in excellent condition, close to the center, if the owner of a hurry to go to another location or to another country.But such an option - it is rather an exception to the rule, and it is possible to choose randomly.
apartments with encumbrance are always much cheaper.When buying a home, the charged, with the registered tenants, you can save 30%.But this method of saving is very dangerous.In accordance with Articles number 2965, number 3075 of the Civil Code your transaction may invalidate the court, so the purchase is legally clean apartment is much more profitable.