What is it?

Each plot has a border area, relief peculiarities.It may be any structure.All this should be stated in the registration of property rights to real estate.In Russia, there is a real estate cadastre - database, which contains information about each object.Cadastral passport and is an extract from the database.The inventory was created on the basis of the relevant federal law - the Law on the State Real Estate Cadastre.Without this document can not be any real estate transaction.Even to get a certificate of receipt of the inheritance, which includes a house, apartment or a suburban area, the notary sends the customer to the institution, which must issue a cadastral passport.Before this the Bureau of Technical Inventory, now it can be done in Roskadastre, whi
ch has offices in every region of the Federation.
information about a particular property listing a different state structures.The inventory exists to combine the data.

passport land

Each plot has certain characteristics.The cadastral passport of the land plot in the compulsory to indicate the cadastral number.There are specified and the basic unique information about the object.The procedure for obtaining defined by federal law and is as follows.A citizen who wants to register the property goes to the local government with the request.It provides passport and your contact information, the employee receives from the bill, and in five days came prepared for documents issued in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.Cadastral passport to the apartment in an apartment building also contains unique data - number, area, number of rooms, etc.
addition cadastral passport, there is still a cadastral plan and cadastral information.

How to create a plot of land?

Formation of land is carried out in several stages.First the circuit boundaries.Then the competent authority collects information and analyzes them, as well as reports on the formation portion of those whose interests may be harmed in the process.WorkGeodetic mapping and survey, the results are analyzed.Then made landmark plan, the decision to issue the cadastral passport, after which the passport is issued.But these steps are usually hidden from the eyes of the citizen who applied for a passport.