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  • contract of sale, money
Even considering that the transaction is absolutely safe foreclosures, show attention and diligence.Since the implementation of the agreement is not only between you and the seller, but also with the participation of a third party - Bank.
There are several options for the purchase of such real estate.You can re-register over ownership of collateral without stopping.Obtain written consent of the mortgagee (the bank).This question is solved by creditors rather difficult, as representatives of the bank in the first place assess the solvency of the mortgagor and have a greater priority to receive funds are not selling the collateral and the borrower directly.
Provide the bank documents confirming your income and the finan
cial ability to repay the debt.And if the mortgagee will be completely satisfied with your position, he will provide the maximum legal security of transactions.
You can completely take over the payments on the loan, thereby releasing the debtor from his obligations to the bank.Alternatively, in addition to what you have to repay the debt seller, you make him a fee for the acquired property .
The same transaction can be made only after the settlement of the liability for the mortgage.But this will not be considered the purchase of mortgaged property as collateral already repaid at the time of the transaction.In such cases, to repay debt used cash buyer.To be safe to give out money to repay the loan as a deposit.Put the condition that if the deal does not take place, the seller will return double the amount.
Organize a meeting with the debtor and the bank representative.Then you will have complete information about the amount of debt and the status of the property, as there are cases that impose a fine on bail.Even get to service centers where the pledged object is a certificate stating that there are no encumbrances to the object.
issued in as a deposit only the amount that will cover the amount of the debt.The transfer of money is made in the presence of a representative of a bank or directly to the cashier.
After the termination of the pledge registration occurs, is a contract of sale and final settlement.