most environmentally friendly district of Moscow region

So, if your family grow small children or your priority is the environmental well-being of the area where you intend to live, you will be important to the absence of large-scale production, the degree of re-planting, availability of kindergartens, schools,fitness centers and so forth.

According to these parameters leads Odintsovo district, which is an additional advantage is the high quality of housing under construction.This is one of the most green and clean city with good infrastructure.Not far behind him i
n popularity can be seen, which is built apartment houses of economy-class high level of comfort and business-class buildings.The disadvantages of this area include the lack of children's entertainment and development centers, where children can spend time free from school.Popular among families with children and district centers Balashikha, Lyubertsy and Khimki.

Choose accommodations depending on the priorities

In that case, when you want to preserve their savings from inflation and to use them for long-term investment, it makes sense to buy a house in the suburbs, so after a while it profitable to sell.Investors are particularly popular areas of the Moscow region, located in Kaluga, Leningrad and Novorizhskoe direction.Once it became aware of plans to make the capital of Krasnogorsk near Moscow, the area has risen significantly in the ratings of attractiveness, and demand is as housing on the secondary market and new buildings.

In the case when the issue of the purchase of property is decided on the basis of its cost, the most affordable prices in Domodedovo, Podolsk and Balashikha.This is due to poor transport accessibility and a record pace of construction of new housing.The most popular and expensive are the Reutov Krasnogorsk and Khimki.This is due to its proximity to Moscow, good transport accessibility and infrastructure.

for "white collar", whose work is connected with large Russian and international companies, particularly attractive are the five towns in the Moscow region: Khimki, Krasnogorsk, Mytishchi, Odintsovo and Skolkovo.Buying a house not far from the place of work, you will be able to solve the problem of daily exhausting trips to the capital.Major business centers of the regional authorities plan to soon build Kotelniki and rail.