you need
  • - deposit box;
  • - plastic card bank.
One of the easiest ways - just collect the money in one big bag and take it to the signing of the contract.One of the advantages of this method of payment - what you money in exchange for the keys and gave forgot.However, one should consider the fact that such a large purchase payment option, which is flat, very dangerous.Firstly, you can watch for, and take away the bag, when suddenly you someone made a tip.Second, by accident in your bag you can just climb up and take the mo
ney.Well, not all, but to recover the missing still have.
payment can be made in cash, as though it may sound strange, and with the help of the bank.For this you need to rent a safe-deposit box and put it in all your existing cash intended to pay for the purchase.After signing the contract you will only inform the seller all the data on the cell and pass key.In some cases, the seller may ask you to go with him to the bank to make sure that he will get the required amount in full.This method - one of the most reliable.After all, it saves you from the risk of being robbed.This cash is present in full.
Also you can put your cash in the open you the same bank account.Get a card to that effect.The principle of paying the purchase is the same as in the case of the banking unit.Only the seller will give you the card and all the information on it - pin, etc.By doing this you will protect yourself from trouble.In this case, you will need to go to the seller of the bank branch that he had checked the safety and the amount of money in the account.To do this, you will need to take the bank statement.If a potential recipient of funds will want to transfer them to your account for greater reliability, you'll also need it - write the appropriate application, sign the necessary papers and everything.You have a new apartment, the seller - the money.