find the perfect lodging option.This can be done through an agency, and independently through various newspapers and websites to advertise the sale of real estate.Keep in mind that the closer the deadline the house, the more expensive it is usually flat, but you will have more confidence that the project will be completed.
Check the suitability of the transaction, you are going to do, the definition of "transfer".For this co-investor of the construction is not yet to be formalized ownership of housing.If he has an owner, you will need to enter into a contract of sale.
Find a lawyer for the preparation of the agreement on assignment of rights requirements.If you contact the real estate agency for the purchase of an apartment, you will help organization staff attorney.If you do purchase their own property, get an independent lawyer specializing in property rights.This can be done through the business directory of your city, or on the recommendation of friends.
Contact the company is building a home that you are interested in.Get their consent to assignment (for which you may request a fee), as well as the necessary documents at the house.If the apartment was bought on credit, ask the builder, remained whether the current co-investor have any debt.They have to be repaid, so that later you will not have to pay.Also check the company a contract drawn up for processing the transaction.
Sign with the current owner of a contract of assignment.If he has concluded with the construction company separate contract equity participation in the construction, then you will need to register your contract Rosreestra.Please contact the local branch of the Russian State Register, pay the fee for registration, and your contract will be included in the state register of real estate transactions.Although you have to spend more time on it, but you will be protected against possible fraud by the assigned rights - will not be able to re deal with the same apartment with another man.
Payments assign rights to the apartment the amount specified in the contract.