you need
  • - documents on ownership of the apartment;
  • - money to pay the fee for registration of property rights.
fully paid the full amount, which is provided by your agreement in a cooperative.Get this statement from an accountant of the housing cooperative, in which you make money.The document must indicate that the share is fully paid in co-op you and finally passed to you in the property.
Register right to own an apartment in Rosreestra.Housing has to be considered as your property, but you must confirm the sale.Find the address online Rosreestra branch of the institution in your area.Come back with the documents on apartment .For registration of ownership of state dut
y payment.After reviewing your application you will be given a certificate of ownership, with which you can make a variety of real estate transactions.
Book in the Bureau of Technical Inventory at your place of residence plan apartments.Its production takes about a month, but for the formal surcharge this process can be accelerated.
find a buyer for the apartment.You can do this on their own - through friends, websites, publications.When you select a note that the purchase of housing mortgages, and with the involvement of the parent capital will take longer than the standard deal with cash.If you need to sell an apartment quickly, contact with people who already have money available.
If you do not have enough time to find a new owner of the apartment, contact a real estate agency.For their services they take an average of 4-5% of the transaction value.
Take a purchase and sale transaction.To do this, you will need to sign a contract with the buyer, to get their money, and then register the transfer of ownership in Rosreestra.