Real Estate Agency

safest way today to get your own apartment is considered a reliable real estate agency.Such an organization will ask you to enter into a formal agreement among the items which should indicate that realtors instructed to check the purity of purchased real estate transaction.This will get rid of headaches and doubts about the reliability of investing their own funds.

When paying services offered real estate agency, quite weighty part of the money goes exactly to test the future of the home.Specialists who are constantly faced with the design of the apartments is very well known for the procedure, so they are easily able to detect
all the potential risks and determine whether the acquired dwelling as collateral.And in this case is much more rational to spend some of the money for such services than in the future to defend the right to purchase housing.

definition of "purity" of the apartment-house

If there is a desire to buy an apartment without intermediaries, which in some cases may require too much reward for their own efforts, you have to check the purity of the transaction yourself.

Some owners do not even try to hide the fact that they sell the apartment is pledged to the banking institution and the entire amount of the debt for it has not yet been paid.But not all sellers are so honest.And if you are trying to convince that the home was fully redeemed by the bank and no debts for it is not listed, yet no harm will verify the reliability of the information.

In the process of registration of pledge of property rights is made in a single register with certain restrictions.Get an extract from such a register is quite real, because this information does not apply to closed.For such purposes, refer to the corresponding statement own passport and receipt confirming payment of the service, the Federal Department of the Civil Registration Service.

After seven days you will receive an extract from the archive.If it turns out that the purchased apartment still belongs to the bank, then the entire sum for it has not yet been paid.Only full payment of trust loan or mortgage allows you to withdraw from the real estate collateral.

in this case is not required to seek additional information on housing.Just one single statement will determine the dishonest seller and avoid any further problems with the purchase of an apartment.