Turning to a real estate office or to the private real estate agent, remember that he is the mediator, which allows the transaction.He is not responsible for the transaction itself, but merely selects a suitable option to you, arrange contracts and the transfer of money.Sometimes the agent may conduct an assessment review.Choose a large agency on the following criteria: life, the existence of branches of services and their costs, obligations and responsibilities under the contract.
Walk procedure title insurance - insure a deal on all the problems that occur not your fault.Contact your insurance company and find out all the terms and conditions of the insurance contract, the price of the insurance policy.
independently perform analysis of the h
ousing market, and you select the appropriate option.At the same time look for information about the selected agency, customer reviews, ratings, etc. LocalDecide what you want from the apartment, match their financial capabilities and make a claim to the agent.
sure to inspect all proposed options personally.If you purchase housing under construction, then collect information on the company-builder, to go to the site, find out the dates of completion, etc.Resellers should be evaluated - trust realtor or invite an independent appraiser.
Checking the legal purity apartments should also be made a realtor, but if you decide to do on their own, then try to get information from the state register of real estate rights.If you buy an apartment , where redevelopment was made, it necessarily require the seller state certificate confirming the legality of the changes made.
make transfers of money through the bank.Arrange legally correct - the seller must get their money only after the show the documents confirming the deal.
If you write a letter of attorney for the provision of its interests, it will never produce such a paper on the implementation of the process of laying and seizure money from the safe-deposit box.Always read the contract, and never sign a blank sheet of paper or a blank form.