you need
  • - application to the court;
  • - a package of documents confirming the legitimacy of claims.
with a share of the apartment owner has the right to take any legal actions, but since it is only a fraction of the apartment and there are other owners, they have a right of pre-emption.The proportion can not alienate outsiders without notifying owners (Article №250 of the Civil Code).
If you are the owner of the apartment divided by the share in kind, for any form of exclusion you are required to notify in writing by sending a notarial document indicating all the terms and conditions under which there is alienat
filed a lawsuit in court demanding the return of your legal right to purchase shares, if you have not been notified, and alienation was outlawed.On the basis of a court order your requirement can be fulfilled, the transaction would be declared illegal alienation.
Another case where the proportion can be returned to their property legally: if the transaction took gifts and you are planning to cancel it.
Cancel donation possible in the case of the assassination of a citizen donee your life, health or the lives of your loved ones.You can also cancel the donation you have the right, if the donee survived.The court shall pay the claim and the documents confirming the validity of the cancellation of the transaction giving.
Return share apartment in court, you have the right, if it is passed to the legal heirs.Under the law, all the heirs are entitled to receive an equal share of the property of the testator.If you did not know about the death, were far, seriously ill or have applied to join the legitimate rights of the heir, hereditary mass was divided, you have the right to file a claim in court to present documents confirming respectful missing deadlines for the adoption of the inheritance.You can sue not only share in the apartment, but also other assets owed to you under the law.