In the case where a child does not own share of the property in the apartment, mount it there, where you are going to register themselves.If the apartment in which you will live after the sale of your current property, not yet purchased, you might want to check with your child with relatives.Then write it down baby, by submitting an application to the passport office in the community.
If a child has a stake in an apartment, get permission of the guardianship authorities to dispose of property.Make a formal statement that you want to sell your existing apartment.The child also sign the document when he was 14 years old.Keep in mind that you will need to sell not only the consent of the guardianship, but both parents, as indicated in the statement.At the same spouses a divorce is irreleva
nt.An exception is allowed only if the father or mother deprived of parental rights.
Be prepared to provide to the guardianship all the information about the proposed transaction with housing.The proportion of the child in square meters should not decrease in the sale of the property.Also, doubts may cause a change of residence.For example, child protection services may not approve the deal, the commission of which the child will receive, instead of a share in a city apartment of the house in the village without the appropriate facilities and infrastructure, for example, no school.Doubts may cause the situation where instead of the old apartments is planned to purchase a house in a newly built house.In this case, it is desirable to choose the option that building a house is almost finished.
After receiving permission of the guardianship to make the transaction of sale.The document you will need to submit, along with the agreements during the state registration of the transaction in Rosreestra.