you need
  • -pasport all parties involved
  • -notarialnoe permit the sale of all property owners
  • -postanovlenie guardianship authorities (if there are minors among the owners, incapable or partially capable persons)
  • -spravka aboutthat all written
  • -postanovlenie guardianship authorities (if prescribed were among minors, incapable or partially capable persons)
  • -extract from the registration center for all owners
  • -spravka that the apartment is not on bail and arrest
  • -spravka that there are no debts on taxes and the rent
  • -pravoustanavlivayuschy document to t
    he apartment
  • -extract of cadastral passport
  • -dogovor the sales
  • -akt reception and transmission
  • -kvitantsiya payment of state duty
First, check the document of title to the apartment .If it is the right of ownership by several persons, the need to notary approval for sale of all property owners.If the apartment is right to have minor children, incapable or partially capable persons, apart from the notarial marketing authorization from their legal representatives should be the decision to allow the sale of the guardianship authorities.
Make sure that all of the apartments have been discharged.If you were registered minors, incapable or partially capable person, then you want to display a resolution of the guardianship authorities to extract data entities.If this ruling is not, then the residence of these persons can recover through the courts, and they will have the right to reside on your legitimate housing.
Ask the seller apartments provide full extract from the archive center registration.Ensure all the way transfer of ownership of an apartment .
should also be asked to provide a certificate that the apartment is not on bail and arrests.
Additionally, make sure that taxes apartment all paid.
Never give a deposit.Better just to complete your contract of sale, deed of transfer and acceptance and immediately registered ownership.