What affects the price of the apartment

main parameters used to assess the apartments are an area type of house, number of rooms, area, floor.But when it comes to the area, it should be noted that the apartment in the house, located near the industrial area, will cost less than the one whose windows overlook the park.If the next metro station, it increases the price of apartments, but if the line passes under the house, the price accordingly falls.

Determine the type of home, if he is not the old buildings, it is easy: it can be "Stalin", "Khruschovka" or "Breznev" and panel houses of ce
rtain series and typical brick buildings that were built in the 60s and 70srespectively.In the case where the apartment is located in the house of the old buildings is taken into account, when the building was erected, and its status, the presence of major repairs, the material overlaps, state porches, front doors and stairs, the availability of parking spaces. For typical houses important parameter is the number of rooms in the apartment, and for the elite category of buildings more important area.

Floor at which the apartment is located, is also important, but even here there are some nuances.If this is a typical house located in the middle of the block or on a quiet street, the first and last floor will cost less.But if the house stands on a busy highway and an apartment on the first floor can be converted into commercial premises, or it is located on the top floor of a skyscraper, offering elegant view, such an apartment will be more expensive.

How to assess the real value of the apartment

To assess the market value of the apartment, a comparative analysis by looking at specialized publications and Internet sites, as well as ads that sell similar apartments in the houses located in your area.If you have new neighbors, has recently bought an apartment in your home, talk to them and make an amendment to the current situation, because the price is not standing still. There are Internet services, which assess the value of the apartment may be in a mode on-line.

You can also contact by phone to the realtor and tell him the basic parameters of the apartment.The experience of sales and existing databases it can easily "offhand" called the lower and upper boundary of the cost of similar apartments.The upper limit takes into account the cost of the "realtor" percent for services, you can focus on the average value.