you need
  • - the consent of all tenants to purchase / rent the attic;
  • - all documents on the structure;
  • - the right to place the document on their living space;
  • - technical documentation on the property.
To attach attic to his apartment should make obtaining consent for rent or for free use attic ohm / part at the meeting of homeowners, or HBC HOA.Such consent is problematic to obtain, since there are certainly those who would refuse on principle.
When the consent of tenants received, enclose a lease attic and / part, be sure to perform the state registration of the contract.The registration procedure may be followed by standing in long queues - please be patient.
After registering a lease agreement be engaged in carrying out
a loft conversion well.The long-awaited moment has arrived.However, this is not the last thing you have to do.
Invite the employee BTI for inspection and receipt of an act carried out by a reorganization.Here again we encounter endless queues.But as you know, the end justifies the means.
next stage: changes in technical and other documentation.It is necessary to make changes in all documents in house, so will have to run a lot.Try to keep all the documents with you, at the right moment they were close at hand.
After making changes to the technical documentation, modify the lease, register them.
If you do not want to rent a loft area, redeem the property as possible, but the process is more time consuming and expensive.Get it a unanimous decision by all owners of premises to carry out reconstruction.
Get permission for reconstruction.
Perform installation and put into operation the results of reconstruction.And immediately make changes to the documentation, like the previously discussed embodiment of renting.Upon completion of the transfer should be amending the attic of the owner and registration of ownership of the attic.