Depreciation apartment house - a collection of traits, characteristics, quality, and many other important parameters.Define your own degree of deterioration of the structure is not always possible, so it is best to use the services of professionals.Thus it is possible to avoid additional financial costs for home repairs, communication systems after the acquisition and will serve to house the new owner much longer.

Why a specialist?

Sellers of real estate, whether it is a private house or apartment in high-rise buildings, often before the sale is carried out small surface finishing work to cover significant damage to the walls, floor or ceiling.For example, cracks sealed with thick p

aper or overwritten mortars poor quality plumbing system, water supply and heating sections were stained to hide the damage, etc.Such "finishing" work hide damage and consequence of careless buyers are forced to change, repair, and in difficult cases and to spend money on the purchase of other living space.Businesses pay examination of the structure much more attention, but they find the strength to damage where a person with no experience and did not think to look for them.Assessment of the wear of buildings involved in the real estate service examination, which serves Onsite inspection at any convenient time.

The main parameters for determining the deterioration of the structure

rank wear the house takes place according to the established order and its progress are determined by the most significant parameters.

- Year of construction - it is believed that the one-year operation of the building is equivalent to 1% of wear.

- Exterior view of the facade and interior - no cracks, distortions and inconsistencies slabs of walls increases operational data structure.Their presence also points directly to an emergency condition of the house and its foundation, increases the risk of failure of the overlap and complete collapse.

- The quality of the material from which the building is constructed - wooden buildings are subject to damage by insects, rodents and thus wear out faster, and brick or stone contribute to the proliferation of fungal organisms.Determine the quality of the material of construction may only be a specialist.

- Status of heating in private homes is almost paramount - his failure leads to fires, or simply lack the possibility of heating the room.

- Status and availability of systems, water, gas and electricity supply, sewerage system - from these options depends on the quality of the subsequent operation of the building and the amount of funds that will need to invest in repairs after purchase.

Self Assessment wear

If you can not order an expert examination of the object, you can do it yourself.The first thing to note when viewed from the house, is a state of load-bearing structures, floors, ceilings and roofs.Overlaps have to be strong, to have no trace of rot and life of insects or rodents.Special attention is needed to inspect the buildings constructed over 70 years ago, as a percentage of their deterioration, according to age, it is already more than 50%.

defining all these parameters correctly, you can significantly reduce the cost of the object or exclude the risk of buying the building unfit for use.