Structure and classification

subdivided vegetative buds or growth, and generative, or flower.Vegetative bud has in its part of the leaves and generative - inflorescences or flowers.Bud is a plant with one flower buds flower.There are mixed, vegetative and generative buds, which are presented and leaves, and flowers.

rudiments of leaves formed at the growing point and are arranged from bottom to top.They grow unevenly and therefore to the top are folded, thereby forming a wet space within the kidney.This helps to prevent kidney damage and drying.When the buds begin to open, the leaves gradually straightened and moved away from the stem.This is due primarily to the strong growth of the stem internodes.

For location on the trunk of the kidneys can divide them into lateral and apical.Terminal, terminal, called buds on the ends of the shoo
ts, the stem grows through them.Lateral buds can form a system of shoots.These are called axillary if grow in the leaf axils, and vnepazushnymi, clauses, plus - if you are placed in other parts of the stem or roots.

in the axils of buds are arranged in groups or singly.Adventitious buds from vegetative reproduction occurs weed forming plants such as thistles and aspen.Shoots develop from adventitious buds which are formed on the roots of a tree.For many plants characteristic of dormant buds, which can remain undetected for a long time.

Appearance kidney

bud plant often has a brown, brown or gray color.Many buds of plants grown in cold climates, as modified leaves covered in the form of flakes, further protecting them from damage and cold.Many trees emit improving the protection of resinous substances, it can be seen in the birch, poplar and spruce.These buds are called closed or protected.Floral buds that features such as flakes have called naked or unprotected.An additional means of protection can be considered covering many buds thick fuzz.

Herbaceous plants such as lily of the valley or wheat grass are overwintering buds, which are located in the underground shoots or at the bottom of the aerial shoots in the soil itself.Because of the placement of the kidney suffers temperature fluctuations.

have plants such as cacti appearance and structure of the kidney is quite unlike the traditional.Cactus buds called halos and consist of modified scales, needles, perform protective functions.