If the Earth's surface was smooth and moist enough, then all the difference in climate would be reduced to the circulation of the atmosphere and the radiation balance.Then climatic zones located to absolutely zonal and their borders completely coincide with the parallels.But in fact, this situation is far from practice.The fact that the climate of the earth at different sites formed under the influence of an entire system related factors.
main source of all the processes occurring in the atmosphere, solar radiation is.This allows it to transfer heat through space.Because of the spherical shape of the Earth's climate distinguishes depending on the latitude and the tilt axis explains the seasonality.In addition, a significant role played by the circulation of air masses that determines the precipitation r
egime and their distribution over the entire surface of the planet.
also a great impact on the climate is a relief.For example, in the mountains, depending on the height, there may be important differences in climate.The greatest influence in this direction has mountain ranges, which are the main obstacle to the wind, and the invasion of different air masses.Plains, in turn, produce the opposite effect: the oceanic and continental air masses contrary to freely penetrate into neighboring areas.
Besides climate is strongly dependent on the nature of the surface, the underlying air masses.Under it usually refers to the various components that are directly exposed to the atmosphere.For example, wood can greatly reduce the daily soil temperature amplitude, and hence the ambient air.The snow, in turn, allows the ground to keep warm for longer, but more reflects the sun's rays, so the planet is warming weaker.
With the advent and development of mankind there are new factors - man-made.In urban areas, for example, the air temperature is much higher than in the surrounding area.Dust released in the major metropolitan areas, contributes to the rapid formation of clouds and fog, which leads to a reduction in rainfall and reduced sunshine duration.
Economic activities of people in most cases has a detrimental effect on the climate.For example, air pollution, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide has caused the phenomenon of acid rain, which poison the waters and soil, as well as destroying forests.