The basic mechanisms of social perception include the identification, empathy and attraction.The identification method referred to as the knowledge of another person by means of trying to put yourself in his place in a certain situation.It turns out that a man must in some sense be like the communication partner.In the process of identification with the other person takes the knowledge of its norms and values, habits.In late adolescence identification it is particularly important.It helps to determine the identification of the nature of the relationship teen with adults.

As for empathy, it is understood by the word empathy to another person with whom you are communicating.Only through an emotional response can be determined what is the condition of another person.Sometimes it is very im
portant to understand how the communication partner appreciates the world.Empathy is also regarded as one of the most important qualities of a psychologist, social worker and educator.It turns out that people who are associated with such activities, must develop the ability to empathize.Attractions

or attraction - is a special form of knowledge of the other person, which is based on the formation of positive feelings.Understanding a partner allows you to know the partner shown to him the most positive attitude.The mechanism of self-discovery in a modern society called social reflection.In fact, social reflection - a person's ability to understand how it is perceived by the surrounding society.By the way self-knowledge is possible only through communication with other people.

Another no less important mechanism of social perception is considered to be causal attribution.Even in the process of constant communication a person can not get the full information about the reasons for the behavior of a partner.Due to the lack of information an individual has to make their own forecast based on assumptions only.It turns out that the individual attributes to other people has some grounds and reasons for certain actions.This process is considered to be quite individual.But in the course of his research it has been able to identify some patterns.Actually this is the essence of the mechanism of causal attribution, which helps to imagine the formation of the partner relationship.