modern ecology and methods used to achieve almost all the sciences (exact, social, humanitarian), it has become a truly integrated science.The reason for such a large branch of ecology is that there is a huge variety of objects of its study, and their complexity.In the study of ecology requires an integrated approach that will provide a review of practical problems concerning the protection of the human environment.
consolidates Ecology - global ecology - science, system studies and predicts the state of the Earth and its biosphere, and provides the most harmonious relationship of humanity and the environment.
Environmental activities at
the present time is required, it is one of the essential components of any industry: how industrial production, energy and agriculture, military, transport, research, culture and even religion.For any kind of environmental activities are watching the authorities in Russia, these functions are performed by the state environmental watchdog.
In addition, a set of environmental problems that have arisen because of the modern social development, has caused the emergence of a number of social and political movements that oppose environmental pollution and the significant negative impacts of scientific and technological progress.They also play a role in the fight against infringements in the field of ecology.
Currently developing a variety of research areas in the field of ecology, their goal - to pass the necessary professionals to make decisions environmental information, this applies to all spheres of human activity.There are currently already formed about 90 different areas of environmental studies, they can be divided on the priority social and economic significance, industry sector.
main goal of modern ecology - to prevent the global environmental crisis and to ensure the transition to the path of stable, sustainable development in which will be able to achieve the satisfaction of vital needs, both present and future generations.
environmental issues become involved in a variety of professionals, from philosophy to mathematics.This is called ecologization of modern science: not a single innovative solution is taken without predicting the impact of this decision on the ecological environment.But the really stable environmental conditions can only be achieved if the approach to solving emerging problems competently, professionally, responsibly, taking into account all the rules and laws by which nature is alive and growing.